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By the time we got to WoodstockWe were half a million strongAnd everywhere was song and celebration.And I dreamed I saw the bomber jet planes riding shotgun in the skyTurning into butterflies above our nation. 
(Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young “Woodstock”)
"When did you last die? What gets you out of bed in the morning? What became of your childhood dreams? What sets you apart from everyone else? What is missing from your life? Do you think that everyone can be an artist? Where do you come from? Do you find your lot an enviable one? What have you given up? What do you do with your money? What household task gives you the most trouble? What are your favourite pleasures? What would you like to receive for your birthday? Cite three living artists whom you detest. What do you stick up for? What are you capable of refusing? What is the most fragile part of your body? What has love made you capable of doing? What do other people reproach you for? What does art do for you? Write your epitaph. In what form would you like to return?"
Sophie Calle (via basedgodfuckedmygran)

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"What happens when you become still and you inquire, without just jumping at the next thought? Quietly ask, ‘What am I, really?’ Isn’t that moment absolute stillness? And aren’t you completely aware of that stillness? And isn’t it obvious that if we don’t go to our minds, that what we are is something spacious and of amazing mystery, amazing wonder, that we are a still, quiet point of awareness and consciousness?"
Adyashanti, Falling Into Grace (via in-a-wonderland-they-lie)

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Everyone who reblogs this will get the title of a book to read based on their bio/posts.

Everyone. I mean it.




they really do mean everyone

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